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ViRA Business Associates, is a financial consultancy and professional business group, established in 2009 in Tehran-Iran, as pioneer in three main areas of businesses: Business Valuation, Credit Rating, e-commerce and Business Intelligence Services, focusing on IP valuation, IP Strategy and Auditing, Credit Rating, Risk Analysis, Business Intelligence solutions, software development and e-commerce platforms. We work directly with our clients, helping them to alleviate threats and snatch new opportunities worldwide. Our standing is shaped by the manner the people within our firm operate with clients and their societies. We aspire to act in response to the multifaceted business challenges facing our clients. We implement international approaches across expert regulations, market sectors and nationwide boundaries.

ViRA360, Business Intelligence Solutions
ViRA360, Business Intelligence Solutions

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ViRA360 is a leading software development and solution provider firm focusing on Business Intelligence solutions, IT consulting, and offshore programming. ViRA360 is a privately held company with a management team presenting 15+ years of experience, founded in 2012.
ViRA360 concentrates on highly qualitative, timely delivered, and cost-efficient services with rich and varied experience. Stringent quality standards ensure us to develop solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. Our strategies, solutions, and service outcomes ensure the delivery of maximum targeted result to our clients. ViRA360 is connected to a worldwide network with headquarters in Tehran, and colleagues in California, Melbourne, London and Madrid.

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BrandindexRealizing Your Business Value... Ltd. is an independent brand valuation consultancy. Specializing in the valuation of brands and other intangible assets. We audit brands, obtain the value and advise branded organizations on how to maximize their values. We do it easy and clearly. Founded in 2009. We have connected to a global brand valuation network of people, law firms, institutes, knowledge and experiences.


Brand Valuation
IP valuation
ISO10668 & IVSC certification
IFRS and US GAAP Reporting


Brand Score Card
Brand Strategy
Value Tracing
Brand Development


Brand ROI Analysis
Brand Health Analysis
Market Research
Brand Image & Ranking


Expert Witness
Insolvency & Arbitration


RoyalRatings is a leading independent credit rating institute located in Tehran, funded 2013. We evaluate the capacity and willingness of an issuer or obligor to honor its financial obligations through an independent, professional and impartial assessment process. In fact, we are the first and pioneer in providing domestic credit-rating and grading services in IRAN capital market. Our independent reports allow markets and market’s participants to become more transparent and efficient, by encouraging the pursuit of better credit quality, mitigating and managing risk, taking pricing decisions, generating more revenue, reducing time to market and enhancing returns.

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To perform the credit rating of various debt instruments as Commercial papers, SUKUK, Bonds and Debentures, Islamic bonds, Preference shares, Equity instruments, Rights issue, Mutual fund units etc.
To perform grading of various institutions as investment holdings, banks and non-banking financial institutions, insurance companies, corporations, non-corporations, societies, trusts or individuals or their clients for purposes and required which are requested by clients or authorities.
To perform valuation services for a wide range of firms including tangible and intangible assets.
To provide consultancy and advisory services at different levels.


RoyalRatings and its professional partners provide services in a wide range of firms. We are also welcoming to extend our cooperation network with other international premier credit rating institutions. We believe that Iran’s capital market is very great and untapped and it is extremely open to implement new and professional services.

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The ViRA Business Associates Group, which was established on 2009, as a leader in its three main areas of business: Business Valuation, Credit Rating and Business Intelligence Services.


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